Iannis Xenakis

Iannis Xenakis

  (b. 1958)

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Toby Twining

Composer and vocalist Toby Twining (b.1958) has focused on expanding the musical palette with a new choral sound, hyper-consonant harmony, and innovative instrumental techniques. Recordings of his music include Shaman and Chrysalid Requiem (Toby Twining Music: BMG Classics, 1993 and Cantaloupe Music, 2002, respectively), Satie Blues and Nightmare Rag (Margaret Leng Tan, The Art of Toy Piano: Uni/Point, 1997), and 9:11 Blues (Matt Haimovitz, Anthem: Oxingale/Artemis 2002). Cantaloupe Music will release Twining’s forthcoming CD, Eurydice in January 2011. 

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