Russ Bolleter

Iannis Xenakis

  (b. 1946)

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Ross Bolleter

Ross Bolleter (1946) is a West Australian composer/pianist whose work is focused on ruined pianos since the late ’80s. A piano is Ruined (rather than Neglected or Devastated) when it has been abandoned to all weathers and has become a decaying box of unpredictable dongs, tonks and dedoomps. The notes that don’t work are at least as interesting as those that do.


Ross Bolleter has five ruined pianos in his kitchen. In 2005 he established the Ruined Piano Sanctuary at Wambyn Olive Farm near York, 80kms east of Perth, West Australia. He has released 12 CDs and a DVD, and his work is available on the WARPS, Emanem, Pogus, New Albion, Tall Poppies and Sunset Ostrich labels.

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