The Ensemble Recherche

The Ensemble Recherche

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The ensemble recherche is one of the most distinguished ensembles for new music. With almost four hundred premieres to its credit since it was founded in 1985, the ensemble has made a substantial contribution to the development of contemporary chamber and ensemble music.

Consisting of nine soloists, the ensemble has its very own dramaturgical profile and ranks highly on the international music scene. Apart from its many concert activities, the ensemble recherche also takes part in musical theatre projects, does productions for radio and film, gives courses for instrumentalists and composers and lets young talents watch its rehearsals.

The repertoire of the ensemble begins with the classics of the late 19th century, taking in the French Impressionists, the Second Viennese School and the Expressionists and on to the Darmstadt School, French Spectralism and today's avant garde experiments. A further interest of the ensernble recherche is the contemporary view of music prior to 1700. Over thirty CDs are proof of the vast scope of its repertoire.

The ensemble recherche has a self-governing organizational form. In its home town, Freiburg im Breisgau, it has its own subscription series, organized by the Friends of the ensemble recherche. In addition, the ensernble recherche is subsidized by the City of Freiburg and the State of Baden-Württemberg.

Translation: Maureen Winterhager

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