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mode 1/2 John CAGE: Vol.1: Etudes Boreales for cello solo, piano solo and cello/piano duo (Frances-Marie Uitti, cello. Michael Pugliese, piano). Ryoanji for 4 voices and percussion (Isabell Ganz, mezzo. Michael Pugliese, piano). Composer supervised first recordings. A 2-LP limited-edition set of 200, signed and numbered by John Cage. (very limited stocks at $400 per set)

mode 3/6 John CAGE, Vol. 2: Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music. Remastered with bonus tracks. The New Performance Group and John Cage, conductor.   96/24 bit mastering

mode 14 Janice GITECK: Breathing Songs from a Turning Sky; Thunder Like a White Bear Dancing; Callin' Home Coyote - John Duykers, AndyNarrell/New Performance Group. CD & Cassette. Composer Supervised

mode 15 Margaret Leng TAN: "Sonic Encounters" - piano works of CAGE: Primitive; In the Name of the Holocaust; CRUMB: 5 Pieces; HOVHANESS: Jhala; Orbit; SATOH: Cosmic Womb; GE GAN RU: Gu Yue

mode 16 Bernadette SPEACH: "Without Borders" - chamber & solo works performed by Bowery Ensemble, Jan WIlliams, Michael Pugliese, Anthony de Mare; Jeffrey Schanzer, Oliver Lake, Thulani Davis, Myra Melford, etc. Composer Supervised

mode 17 John CAGE, Vol. 3: Complete String Quartets, Vol. 1 - Thirty Pieces for String Quartet; Music for Four - Arditti Quartet. Composer Supervised.
Winner "Choc" Le Monde de la Musique

mode 18 NEWBAND performs microtonal works by Harry PARTCH, John CAGE, Joan LaBARBARA and Dean DRUMMOND. With LaBarbara (voice)

mode 19 George CRUMB: Zeitgeist; Celestial Mechanics; Earle BROWN: Corroboree - Piano Duo Degenhardt-Kent play New Music for 1,2 & 3 pianos. Composer Supervised

mode 20 Neely BRUCE: The Plague; Eight Ghosts; The Dream of the Other Dreamers - music for voices and electronics performed by Electric Phoenix, with John Marshall (drums) and Ray Russell (guitar). Composer Supervised

mode 21 Emanuel Dimas de Melo PIMENTA: Digital Music

mode 22 RELACHE: "On Edge" - works by James TENNEY; Thomas ALBERT and Paul EPSTEIN

mode 23 MUSICIANS' ACCORD: "Chamber Music for Voice (and a Little Jazz)" - works of Sheila SILVER, Laura KAMINSKY and Richard KASSEL. With singers Michael Dash and Christine Schadeberg. Composer Supervised

mode 24 John CAGE, Vol. 4: "Music for Merce Cunningham" - Five Stone Wind; Cartridge Music - David Tudor, Michael Pugliese and Takehisa Kosugi.  96/24-bit

mode 25 Michael PUGLIESE: percussion works of Iannis XENAKIS: Psappha; Morton FELDMAN: King of Denmark; John CAGE: Music for Four; Nils VIGELAND: Progress; Per NØRGÅRD: Waves; Henry MANCINI: Peter Gunn

mode 26 Gerard PAPE: Chamber works performed by Arditti Quartet, William Albright, Prism Orchestra, Thomas Buckner, Ann Arbor Chamber Orchestra. Composer Supervised

mode 27 John CAGE, Vol. 5: Complete String Quartets, Vol. 2 - String Quartet in Four-Parts (1950); Four - Arditti Quartet. Composer Supervised.  96/24-bit Hi-definition

mode 28/29 John CAGE, Vol. 6: Roaratorio (John Cage, voice; with Irish musicians and 62-track tape); Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake (Cage, speaker); Laughtears (discussion on Roaratorio with Cage and Klaus Schöning of the West German Radio). Deluxe 2-CD set with 76-page book of extensive notes, photos and articles on the works and a 44-page book containing the complete spoken texts. 2-CDs. Winner Diapason d'Or and "Choc" awards  41/24

mode 30 Anne LeBARON: Chamber works performed by New Music Consort and the Chamber Music Players of the Kennedy Center.

mode 31 Haydée SCHVARTZ plays "New Piano Works from Europe and the Americas" by PÄRT: Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka*; Für Alina; CAGE: Perpetual Tango*; SCELSI: Quattro Illustrazioni; KAGEL: An Tasten*; BERIO: Brin*; Leaf*; SCHUMANN: Davidsbündlertänze #14; GANDINI: Eusebius*; VALVERDE:
Ek-Stasis* (*denotes first recording)

mode 32 John CAGE, Vol.7: Freeman Etudes, Books 1 & 2--Irvine Arditti
(The complete music for violin, Vol.1, composer supervised)

mode 33 NEWBAND play Microtonal Works by Harry PARTCH: Daphne of the Dunes; Thelonius MONK (arr. Drummond) 'Round Midnight; Dean DRUMMOND: Different Drums for Different Strokes; Mathew ROSENBLUM: Circadian Rhythms; James PUGLIESE: Freeze.

mode 34 William RUSSELL: "Made in America" - the complete works for percussion orchestra performed by Essential Music

mode 35 Arthur Honegger: Christoph Colomb -- premiere recording of Honneger's radio-play scored for actors (in English), orchestra and chorus. Opera Sacra Orchestra of Buffalo conducted by Charles Peltz. (Deluxe set, 64-page libretto)

mode 36 John CAGE, Vol. 8: Europera 5--Martha Herr, Gary Burgess, Yvar Mikhashoff, Jan Williams, Don Metz. Premiere recording, composer supervised

mode 37 John CAGE, Vol.9: Freeman Etudes, Books 3 & 4 -- Irvine Arditti
(The complete music for violin, Vol.2)

mode 38/39 John CAGE, Vol.10: Europeras 3 & 4 - The Long Beach Opera.
First recording. A deluxe 2-CD set with 80-page book.

mode 40 Pauline OLIVEROS: St. George and the Dragon; In Memoriam, Mr. Whitney -- Oliveros (accordion & voice), American Voices. Premiere recording

mode 41 John CAGE, Vol.11: Orchestral Works I - 101; Apartment House 1776; Ryoanji (for 4 soloists & orchestra)--New England Conservatory Orchestra. First recordings, composer supervised.

mode 42 Anne LeBARON: "The Musical Railism of..." including the blues opera The E & O Line--LeBaron (harp), New Music Consort, Theater Chamber Players of the Kennedy Center/Leon Fleisher. Co-production with Tellus.

mode 43 Christian WOLFF: Piano Works 1976-83--Sally Pinkas.

mode 44 John CAGE, Vol.12: The Number Pieces 1 - One5 (piano solo); Two6 (violin & piano, dedicated to Joste & Flammer); Four3 (rainsticks, 2 pianos & violin) -- Joste, Flammer, Alchourroun, Michaut. First recordings.

mode 45 Milos RAICKOVICH: "New Classicism" orchestral, chamber & toy piano works in Raickovich's unique blend of minimalism and classical styles--
Leng Tan (toy piano), Moscow Symphony Orch/Raickovich.

mode 46 DEEP LISTENING BAND: "Sanctuary"--Pauline Oliveros (accordion, electronics), Stuart Dempster (trombone, didjeridu), David Gamper (organ, flutes, electronics) with expanded band featuring Tom Buckner, Joe McPhee, Women Who Drum, Julie Lyon Balliett, Brazilian percussion, others.

mode 47 John CAGE, Vol.13: Piano Works 1 - Music for Two; One; One5; Music Walk -- Stephen Drury.

mode 48 Luciano BERIO, Vol.1: The Great Works for Voice--Folk Songs; Circles; Chamber Music; O King; Sequenza III - Christine Shadeberg with Musicians' Accord.

mode 49 Alvin CURRAN: Piano Works - For Cornelius; The Last Acts of Julian Beck; Schtetl Variations--Yvar Mikhashoff. Edition Yvar Mikhashoff Vol.1.

mode 50 John CAGE, Vol. 14: Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano--Philipp Vandré (first recording using a Steinway "O" piano as intended).

mode 51 James WOOD: Village Burial with Fire; Spirit Festival with Lamentations --Robert van Sice (marimba), Percussive Rotterdam. Robert van Sice Vol.1.

mode 52 Michael BACH (cello), Vol.1: "The Art of the Curved-Bow"--SCHNEBEL: Mit Diesem Handen; 5 Inventionen; J.S. BACH: Cello Suite C-major.

mode 53 Iannis XENAKIS: Ensemble Music 1--Plektó (1993, 1st recording); Eonta; Akanthos; Rebonds; N'Shima--ST-X Ensemble/Bornstein.

mode 54 Morton FELDMAN: Illusions (1948, 1st recording); 2 Intermissions;
Extensions 3; Piano Piece 1955; For Philip Guston; Piano; Palais de Mari--Aki Takahashi. Feldman Edition 1 and Aki Takahashi Vol.1. Over 79 minutes of music.

mode 55 John CAGE, Vol. 15: The Lost Works--The City Wears a Slouch Hat (1942 radio play to text by Patchen); Fads & Fancies from the Academy; A Chant With Claps--Essential Music with actors including Paul Schmidt. Deluxe set with libretto.

mode 56 Iannis XENAKIS: Ensemble Music 2--A la Mémoire de Lutoslawski (1994, 1st rec.); Akrata; XAS for sax quartet; Okho for percussion trio ; Echange for bass-clarinet & ensemble--Lowenstern/ST-X Ensemble/Bornstein.

mode 57 John CAGE, Vol. 16: The Piano Concertos-- Concert for Piano and Orchestra (David Tudor, Ensemble Modern/Ingo Metzmacher); Concerto for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra; Fourteen (Stephen Drury, Callithumpian Ensemble/Charles Peltz)

mode 58 IANNIS XENAKIS, Vol.3--"Xenakis & Varèse"-- XENAKIS: Dämmerschein for large orchestra; Persephassa for 6 percussionists; La Déessee Athéna for baritone, percussion solo and chamber ensemble; VARESE: Amériques for large orchestra--Philip Larson, Timothy Adams/Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic/Juan Pablo Izquierdo.

mode 59 PETER MAXWELL DAVIES, "Le Jongleur de Notre Dame" Edward Albert, baritone Opera Sacra Buffalo conducted by Charles Peltz, Karen Bentley, violin , Susan Royal, flutes, piccolo; John Fullam, clarinet, bass-clarinet; Ted Mook, cello; Stephen Drury, piano, celesta; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Children's Band directed by Matthew Cool.

mode 60 HILDA PAREDES, "The Seventh Seed"; A chamber opera to a libretto by Karen Whiteson; Lourdes Ambriz, soprano; John Oakley-Tucker, baritone; with The Arditti Quartet; Steven Schick: percussion; Virginia Sublett: soprano, Carol Plantamura: mezzo-soprano; Issac Langen: tenor; Rand Steiger: conductor. Permutaciones for solo violin, 2 versions (Irvine Arditti).

mode 61 Howard SKEMPTON: Surface Tension (solo & chamber works) - Skempton (accordion), Sarah Leonard (soprano), HCD Ensemble (Frankfurt).

mode 62 Roland DAHINDEN: Naima - Dahinden (trombones), Anthony Braxton (saxes), Joe Fonda (bass), Art Fuller(drums).

mode 63 John CAGE, Vol. 17: The Piano Works 3 - The Seasons; Cheap Imitation; ASLSP-Stephen Drury (piano).

mode 64 David TUDOR: Rainforest (Versions I & IV) - David Tudor, Takehisa Kosugi.

mode 65 Sylvano BUSSOTTI: Piano Works - Martine Joste. Composer Supervised

mode 66 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 2: First Recordings - Intersection for tape; Nature Pieces; Variations; Piece for Violin & Piano; Extensions 1, 3 & 4; Two Intermissions; Intermission 3-6 (#6 versions for 1 & 2 pianos); music from a film for Jackson Pollock for 2 cellos-Philipp Vandré (piano), Turfan Ensemble.

mode 67 Gerard PAPE: Electroacoustic Chamber Works - Arditti Quartet, Voxnova, Ensemble 2e2m/Paul Mefano, Daniel Kleintzy

mode 68 In the Sky I am Walking - Voxnova performs Native American songs and works influenced by that music by Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN: In the Sky I am Walking; Pascal DUSAPIN: Red Rock.

mode 69 Christian WOLFF: Vol.2 - I Like to Think of Harriet Tubman.; Piano Trio.; Duo for Violinist & Pianist; Eisler Ensemble Pieces.; Serenade (1950).; Piano Song; For Morty.; Stardust Pieces. - The Barton Workshop

mode 70 Roger REYNOLDS: Watershed IV (Steven Schick, percussion with TRAnSiT, live sound spatialization); Eclipse for computer generated sound (with video by Ed Emswhiller); The Red Act Arias. (excerpt, for 5-channel sound) + interviews with Reynolds, Schick, others. Interactive DVD with video and true 5.1 Surround Sound. (DVD) $19.99    DVD

mode 71 John CAGE, Vol. 18: The Choral Works 1 - Hymns and Variations for 12 amplified voices; Four2.; Living Room Music; ear for Ear.; Four Solos.; Five-Vocalgroup Ars Nova/Támas Vetö.

mode 72/73 Henry COWELL: Mosaic - chamber works: String Quartets Mosiac, Euphometric & Romantic, Movement for String Quartet; Polyphonica; 26 Simultaneous Mosaics.; Suite for Woodwind Quintet.; Return.; Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Violoncello, and Harp. - Musicians' Accord, Colorado String Quartet (2-CDs)

mode 74 Christian WOLFF: Vol.3 - Tilbury #1-5 (complete); Snowdrop. - Roland Dahinden (trombones, melodica), Hildegard Kleeb (piano), Dimitrios Polisoidis (violin, viola).

mode 75 John CAGE: Vol.19: The Number Pieces 2 - Five3 - Monique Buzzarté, (trombone), The Arditti String Quartet.

mode 76 Lydia Kavina, Theremin: Music from the Ether - original compositions for theremin by Bohuslav MARTINU: Fantasy for theremin, string quartet, oboe & piano.; Percy GRAINGER: Free Music #1 for 4 theremins + works of Joseph Schillinger, Isidor Achron, Kavina, Freidrich Wilckens, Jorge Antunes and Vladimir Kamorov. With Joshua Pierce (piano), Elizabeth Parcells (soprano), Portland String Quartet

mode 77 Chaya CZERNOWIN: Afatsim - chamber works performed by The Arditti Quartet, Mayumi Miyata (sho), John Fonville (flutes), SONOR, Harvey Sollberger (conductor)

mode 78 Richard STRAUSS: The Melodramas - Enoch Arden; The Castle by the Sea - Paul Schmidt (narrator), Yvar Mikhashoff (piano). Performed in English. The Melodramas, Vol.1, Mikhashoff Edition Vol.2

mode 79 Amy RUBIN: Hallelujah Games - works for solo piano, ensemble & songs performed by Amy Rubin (piano), Christine Schadeberg (soprano), Musicians Accord

mode 80 Iannis XENAKIS: Vol.4 - Complete Piano Music (Herma, Evryali, Mists, A.r.) plus Dikhthas for violin & piano (Jane Peters, violin); Palimpsest for piano & ensemble (Society for New Music/Charles Peltz). Aki Takahashi, piano. Series Aki Takahashi Vol.2. (Reissue)
*Winner of the Diapason d'or Prize   96/24logo

mode 81 Luc FERRARI: Vol.1 - Chansons pour le corps (1988-94) . for voice, 2 clarinets, percussion, piano & synthesizer (Elise Caron, voice); Et si tout entière maintenant. (1986-87), conte symphonique for voice, orchestra & tapes (Anne Sèe, voice, Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique/Yves Prin).

mode 82/83 Morton Feldman: Vol. 3 - Complete works for Violin & Piano - Sabat/Clarke Duo. 2-CDs

mode 84/85 John CAGE, Vol.20: Cage Performs Cage, The Text Pieces 1 - Series re Morris Graves; Art Is Either a Complaint or Do Something Else; What You Say-John Cage, speaker. (2-CDs, deluxe box with inserts and texts)

mode 86 JOHN CAGE, Vol.21: The Orchestral Works 2: Etcetera (1973) -- The Callithumpian Consort of New England Conservatory conducted by Tamara Brooks, Stephen Drury and Charles Peltz; Etcetera 2/4 Orchestras (1986) -- New England Conservatory Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tamara Brooks, Marsha Hassett, Charles Peltz and Laurie K. Redmer. FIRST RECORDINGS, COMPOSER SUPERVISED

mode 87 LUIGI NONO, Vol.1: Voices of Protest: A floresta é jovem e cheja de vida (1965-66) for soprano, three reciters, clarinet, thunder sheets and 8-channel tape (Carol Robinson, clarinet, Gerard Pape, sound design); ¿Donde estas hermano? (1982) for two sopranos, mezzo-soprano and contralto; Djamila Boupachá (1962) for solo soprano. Performed by Voxnova.

mode 88 John CAGE, Vol. 23: The Works for Violin 3 - Two4 (version for violin & piano and version for violin & sho) - Irvine Arditti, Stephen Drury, Mayumi Miyata

mode 89 DAVID FELDER: a pressure triggering dreams...
a pressure triggering dreams (1996-97); Six Poems from Neruda's "Alturas" (1992-93) for orchestra (June in Buffalo Orchestra conducted by Harvey Sollberger and Magnus Martensson); Coleccion Nocturna (1982-83) for clarinet, piano & 4 channel tape (Jean Kopperud, clarinets. James Winn, piano

mode 90 PAUL KOONCE: Walkabout and Back
Electroacoustic compositions: Walkabout (1998); Hothouse (1996); Pins (1992); The Flywheel Dream (1994)

mode 91 KAIJA SAARIAHO: New Gates
Cendres (1991/6) alto flute, cello and piano Grammaire de Reves (1988-9) for soprano, contralto, 2 flutes, harp, viola & cello (Alison Wells, soprano. Mary King, alto); Solar (1993) for ensemble; New Gates (1996) for flute, harp & viola. Performed by Champ d'Action/James Wood, conductor

mode 92 Giacinto SCELSI, Vol.1: The Piano Works 1- Sonata No. 2 (1939); Sonata No. 4 (1941); Suite No. 9 "Ttai" (1953) - Louise Bessette, piano

mode 93 Aaron COPLAND: Piano Fantasy (1957); Charles IVES: Piano Sonata No. 1 (1902-10) - Sara Laimon, piano  41/24

mode 94 Gabriel VALVERDE: Luminar-Espacios Inasibles (1991-92) for large orchestra (Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Arvo Volmer, conductor); Resplandor de los Surem (1996-98) (Haydée Schvartz, piano solo); Terra Incognita (1992-97) for string trio and computer generated sound (Pro Contemporania Trio); El Silencio ya no es al Silencio (1996) (Sofía Asunción Claro, harp solo); 5000 Voces (1994-95) for ensemble, chamber choir and mezzo soloist (Marie Kobayashi, mezzo-soprano, Choir Voxnova, Ensemble 2e2m, Olivier Cuendet, conductor). Composer supervised first recordings.

mode 95 Giacinto SCELSI, Vol. 2: The Orchestral Works 1-Hymnos (1963) for organ & 2 orchestras; Hurqualia (1960) for large orchestra; Konx-Om-Pax (1968) for large orchestra & choir; Canti del Capricorno (selections) (1962-72) for voice, with & without instruments - Pauline Vaillancourt, soprano, Douglas Ahlstedt, tenor, Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic and Concert Choir, Juan Pablo Izquierdo, conductor

mode 96 SHADOW MAGIC: music from the soundtrack to a film by Ann Hu. Composed by Lida Zhang for full orchestra with soloists on Chinese instruments. With additional excerpts from Chinese operas. A Sony Classics Pictures release. Howard Shore, music consultant. Mode/Film Series, Vol. 1

mode 97 Morton SUBOTNICK, Vol.1: Electronic Works-Touch (1969); A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur (1978); Gestures (1998-2001, first recording) - Joan LaBarbara, voice. Hi-resolution 24-bit mastering from original analogue master tapes (CD) Simultaneous DVD release in 5.1 Surround Sound contains the above plus: Gestures interactive DVD-ROM allowing you to explore and compose your own versions of the piece using your computer's mouse plus video: Subotnick interviewed by NPR's New Sounds John Schaefer; and Subotnick in conversation with Joan LaBarbara and writer Melody Sumner Carnahan. Composer supervised.  DVD  48/24

mode 98/99 Xenakis/UPIC/Continuum: New Electroacoustic and Electroacoustic Music from CCMIX Paris: Iannis XENAKIS: Mycenae Alpha; Polytope de Cluny; plus works by Jean-Claude Risset, Julio Estrada, Curtis Roads, Brigitte Robindoré, Nicola Cisternino, Daniel Terruggi, Takehito Shimazu, and CCMIX's director Gerard Pape. 2-CD set with 56-page book

mode 100 John CAGE, Vol. 23: The Works for Violin 4 - Six Melodies for violin & keyboard; Nocturne; Two6; Eight Whiskus; One10 - Irvine Arditti, Stephen Drury

mode 101 Henry COWELL, Vol. 2: "Dancing with Henry: New Discoveries in the Music of Henry Cowell" - Suite for Small Orchestra (1934); Heroic Dance (1931); Sound Form No. 1 (1937); Ritournelles from "Marriage at the Eiffel Tower" (1939); Reel No. 2 (1934); Dance of Sport ("Competitive Sport," 1931); Atlantis (1926) [all first recordings]; Suite for woodwind quintet (1934); Four Combinations for Three Instruments (1924) - California Parallèle Ensemble/Nicole Paiement, conductor and director

mode 102 Giacinto SCELSI, Vol.3: "Music for High Winds". Ixor for clarinet; Suite for flute & clarinet; Pwyll for flute; Tre pezzi for Eb clarinet; Rucke di Guck for piccolo & oboe; Preghiera per un' ombra for clarinet; Ko-Lho for flute & clarinet; Three Latin Prayers for clarinet - Carol Robinson, clarinets; Cathy Milliken, oboe; Clara Novakova, flutes, piccolo

mode 103 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 4: The Straits of Majellan; 2 Pieces for 6 Instruments; Durations (complete); Projections (complete) - The Turfan Ensemble/Philipp Vandré and Thaddeus Watson

mode 104 John CAGE, Vol. 24: "A Cage of Saxophones I". Ryoanji for 4 saxophones & percussion; Five for two saxophones, two bowed pianos & accordion; Four5 for 4 saxophones; Five4 for saxophone quartet; Hymnkus for 2 saxophones, 2 pianos, accordion & 2 percussions - Ulrich Krieger, saxophones; with other saxophonists plus Mario Bertoncini, piano; others.

mode 105 Bernadette SPEACH: "Reflections". When It Rains, Llueve for piano; Viola for viola & piano; Trio des Trois III for viola, cello & piano; Chosen Voices for prepared guitar & toy piano; Angels in the Snow for piano; Woman without Adornment for reciter, voice, guitars, bass & piano; les ondes pour quatre for string quartet - Arditti Quartet, Anthony de Mare, piano; Rozanna, viola; Lois Martin, viola; David Heiss, cello; Jeffrey Schanzer, guitars; Bernadette Speach, piano; Thulani Davis, reciter; Alva Rogers, voice; Mark Dresser, bass

mode 106 John CAGE, Vol.25: The Works for Piano 4 (featuring performance by John Cage) - Works for Prepared Piano: Works of Calder (1949-50) - including original film soundtrack with Burgess Meredith, narrator; John Cage, percussion & tape collage; Totem Ancestor (1942); Triple Paced (1944); Music for Marcel Duchamp (1947). Works for Piano: ONE2 (1989, written for Ms. Leng Tan, first recording of version for 3 pianos); Ad Lib (1943); Triple Paced (1944); Jazz Study (1943) - Margaret Leng Tan (pianos)    48/24

mode 107 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 5: Voices & Instruments - Journey to the End of Night (1949); Between Categories (1969) for 2 chimes, 2 pianos, 2 violins, 2 cellos; Intervals (1961) for bass-baritone, trombone, cello, percussion; Three Clarinets, Cello and Piano (1971); Four Songs to e.e. cummings (1951) for soprano, piano, cello; Four Instruments (1965) for chimes, piano, violin, cello; The O'Hara Songs (1962) for bass-baritone, chimes, piano, violin, viola, cello - The Barton Workshop. Claron McFadden, soprano. Charles van Tassel, bass-baritone. James Fulkerson, trombone & conductor

mode 108 John CAGE, Vol. 26: The Orchestral Works 3 - One9 and 108 for sho- & large orchestra - Mayumi Miyata (sho-), Symphony Orchestra of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk/Ken Takaseki & Harry Vogt.
First recordings

mode 109 Christian WOLFF: Look She Said: Complete Works for Bass - Look She Said; Jasper; String Bass Exercise out of "Bandiera Rossa"; Dark as a Dungeon; Untitled; Robert Black, basses.

mode 110 Peter GARLAND: Another Sunrise; I Have Had to Learn the Simplest Things Last (for John Cage); Dreaming of Immortality in a Thatched Cottage - Aki Takahashi (piano & harpsichord), Essential Music.

mode 111 Walter ZIMMERMANN, Vol. 1: Schatten der Ideen; Ursache und Vorwitz; Distentio; Shadows of Cold Mountain - Ensemble Recherche.

mode 112 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 6: String Quartet #2 - The Flux Quartet (6 hours duration)         
5-CD set is $59.98, the DVD is $39.98
Shipping for 112 only: Domestic: CD or DVD (Media Mail) $4.00
Canada & Mexico: CD or DVD $20.75
Other International Shipping: CD or DVD $24.50

mode 117 Chaya CZERNOWIN, Vol. 2: Shu Hai in an Orchestral Setting for voice, orchestra and live electronics; Shu Hai Practices the Javelin for solo female voice, 9 recorded voices & live electronics (Ute Wassermann, voice; Basel Sinfonietta/Johanness Kalitzke, conductor); Six Miniatures and a Simultaneous Song (Elision Ensemble).

mode 118 John CAGE, Vol. 27: The Works for Violin 5 - One6; Chorals - Irvine Arditti (violin)

mode 119 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 7: Late Works with Clarinet - Clarinet and String Quartet; Bass-Clarinet and Percussion; Three Clarinets, Cello and Piano - Carol Robinson (clarinets); Diatoma Quartet, Paris.

mode 120/121 Alain BANCQUART: Le Livre du Labyrinthe - Prologue; Icare; Labyrinthe / miroir; Solitude du Minotaure; Meurtre; Epilogue

mode 122 Lou HARRISON: Works 1939-2000 - Marriage at the Eiffel Tower; The Only Jealousy of Emer; Arias from "Young Caesar"; Music for Remy; Mass to St. Anthony: Kyrie and Gloria; Vestiunt Silve; Short Set from "Lazarus Laughed"; Easter Cantata

mode 123 John CAGE, Vol. 28: The Works for Piano 5 - Soliloquy; Three Easy Pieces; Four Walls - Haydée Schvartz, piano, Jack Bruce, voice

mode 124 Alvin LUCIER: Navigations for Strings; Small Waves for string quartet, trombone, piano and two water pourers - Hildegard Kleeb, piano. Roland Dahinden, trombone. Arditti Quartet. Composer supervised recordings

mode 125 Michael COLGRASS: Déjà vu for percussion quartet & orchestra; Dream Dancer for sax solo & wind ensemble; Gunther SCHULLER: Symphony #3 - Kenneth Radnofsky, sax. Orchestras conducted by Charles Peltz

mode 126 Christian WOLFF, Vol. 5: Pebbles (written for Sabat/Clarke); Duo for Violinist and Pianist (2 versions) - Sabat/Clarke Duo. Composer supervised recordings

mode 127 Mauricio KAGEL: Phonophonie for voice and tapes - Nicholas Isherwood, bass; Maurcio Kagel and Steffano Bassanese, sound direction; Transición II for piano, percussion and tape - Aldo Orvieto, piano; Dimitri Fiorin, percussion; Alvise Vidolin, electronics.

mode 128 Elliott CARTER: Quintet for Piano and Strings; Quintet for Piano and Winds; Fragment II for string quartet; Retrouvailles for piano - Ursula Oppens, Arditti Quartet. Tempo e Tempi; Syringa-Lucy Shelton, Andre Solomon Glover/Ensemble Sospeso/Stefan Asbury; Jeffrey Milarsky. Available on CD and DVD (DVD also includes 45-minute conversation with Carter, Arditti & Oppens and Frank Scheffer's film of the Quintet for Piano & Strings). Composer supervised recordings DVD    

mode 129 John CAGE, Vol. 29: Variations I, II and III; Lecture on Nothing (Helen Pridmore, voice), Motion Ensemble

mode 130 John CAGE: "From Zero" - Four films on John Cage by Dutch director Frank Scheffer with Andrew Culver. Featuring John Cage and the Ives Ensemble. (DVD onlyDVD

mode 131 Phill NIBLOCK: Disseminate - Disseminate Ostrava (Ensemble OCNM with members of the Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra); Kontradictionaries (The Kontra-Trio); Disseminate Q-O2 (Q-O2 Ensemble).

mode 132 Morton SUBOTNICK: Volume 2: The Electronic Works 2 - Sidewinder; Until Spring. DVD  

mode 133/134 Christian WOLFF: (Re):Making Music - Violist Pieces; Emma; Three Pieces; The Barton Workshop.

mode 135 Somei SATOH: From the Depth of Silence: Orchestral Works - From the Depth of Silence; Burning Meditation; Kyokoku; Kisetsu; Thomas Buckner, baritone; The Janácek Philharmonic; Petr Kotik, conductor. Composer supervised recordings.

mode 136 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 8: Marilyn Nonken plays Triadic Memories - Marilyn Nonken, piano.  DVD  
Available in two formats: as a specially priced 2-CD set ($19.99) and complete and uninterrupted on one single audio-only DVD ($19.99).

mode 137 Jason ECKARDT: Out of Chaos - After Serra - Ensemble 21, Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor; Tangled Loops - Marilyn Nonken, piano; A Glimpse Retraced - Marilyn Nonken, piano, Ensemble 21, Paul Hostetter, conductor; Polarities - Ensemble 21, Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor.

mode 138 Roland DAHINDEN: Silberen, Lichtweiss - Silberen - Hildegard Kleeb, piano, The Arditti Quartet; Lichtweiss - Bernd Thurner, vibraphone.

mode 139 Joël-François DURAND: La terre et le feu - La terre et le feu - Gareth Hulse, oboe, London Sinfonietta, Pierre-André Valade, conductor; Les raisons des forces mouvantes - Hans-Ola Ericsson, organ of Luleå Cathedral, Gammelstad, Sweden; La mesure des choses III / La mesure de la terre et du feu - Gareth Hulse, oboe, Paul Silverthorne, viola; Athanor - BBC Symphony Orchestra, Stephen Bryant, leader, Pierre-André Valade, conductor. Composer supervised first recordings.

mode 140 Lou HARRISON: For Strings - Suite No. 2 for Strings; Suite for Symphonic Strings; Concerto for Pipa with String Orchestra; Bits and Pieces. Wu Man, pipa; The New Professionals Orchestra, London; Rebecca Miller, conductor.

mode 141 John CAGE, Vol. 32: Number Pieces 3: One8 - for cello solo with Bach.Bow; Michael Bach, cello with BACH.Bow.

mode 142 George CRUMB: Makrokosmos Books 1 and 2 - Margaret Leng Tan, piano.

mode 143 Giacinto SCELSI: The Piano Works 2 - Stephen Clarke, piano.

mode 144/145 John CAGE, Vol. 33: The Works for Violin 6, The String Quartets 4 - 44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776; Cheap Imitation; Irvine Arditti, Arditti Quartet.

mode 146 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 9: Composing by Numbers - The Barton Workshop plays graphic scores.

mode 147 John CAGE, Vol. 29: The Piano Works 6 - Seven Haiku, Music of Changes, Suite for Toy Piano; Martine Joste, piano.

mode 148 Iannis Xenakis, Vol. 5: La Légende d'Eer - Electroacoustic Work for 7-channel tape.

mode 149 Hilda Paredes: Listen How They Talk: Chamber Music 1998-2001 - Uy U T'an for string quartet; Cotidales for piano quintet; Ah Paaxo'ob for 21 musicians.

mode 150 Walter ZIMMERMANN: The Echoing Green - Chamber Works 1986-89 - Wstenwanderung for piano; Geduld und Gelegenheit for cello and piano; Lied im Wüstenvogelton for bass-flute and piano; The Echoing Green for violin and piano; HCD Ensemble and guests.

mode 151 Frank DENYER: Faint Traces - Out of the Shattered Shadows 1 & 2; Faint Traces; Music for Two Performers; Play; Passages.

mode 152 Iannis XENAKIS: Music for Strings - Syrmos, Aroura, Voile, Theraps, Analogique A+B, Ittidra; John Eckhardt, Ensemble Resonanz, Johannes Kalitzke.

mode 153 John Luther ADAMS: Strange and Sacred Noise - performed by Percussion Group Cincinnati.

mode 154/155 Yvar MIKHASHOFF: Opera - Virtuoso Fantasies, Paraphrases and Transcriptions.
(specially priced 2-CD set for $19.99)

mode 156 Stefan WOLPE: Wolpe in Jerusalem - ensemble recherche, WDR Symphony Orchestra; conducted by Werner Herbers and Johannes Kalitzke. (deluxe set in slipcase)

mode 157 Marco CAPPELLI: Extreme Guitar Project - Marco Cappelli, guitar.

mode 158 John CAGE: Volume 34: The Piano Works 7 - Chess Pieces, Sonatas and Interludes, Chess Serenade; Margaret Leng Tan, piano & prepared piano.     96/24logo

mode 159 Giacinto SCELSI: The Piano Works 3 - Aki Takahashi, piano. Suite No. 10 "Ka", Quattro Illustrazioni, Sonate No.3, Cinque Incantesimi.  DVD  

mode 160 John CAGE: Volume 35: A Cage of Saxophones 2 - Sonata for Two Voices, Atlas Eclipticalis, Composition for Three Voices, Solo for Baritone Saxophone, Solo with obbligato accompaniment of two voices in canon, and six short inventions on the subjects of the solo, Two; Ulrich Krieger, saxophones, concept & direction.

mode 161-163 Luciano BERIO: The Complete Sequenzas and Works for Solo Instruments - 4 CD set including the first COMPLETE recording of the Sequenazs and alternate Sequenazs, plus all of Berio's works for solo instruments (except solo piano).

mode 164 Tim Hodgkinson: Sketch of Now - Vers Kongsu II, Aici Schiteaza pe Acum, Fighting/Breathing, Fragor, De Yoknapatawpha, Further into Hard Stone.

mode 165 The Arditti Quartet - Mexico: New Music for Strings - Juan Felipe Waller's De jaque, sal, gala y luna; Hebert Vázquez's String Quartet No. 1; Germán Romero's Ramas; Iván Naranjo's Uno; Rogelio Sosa's Espasmo fulgor; Hilda Paredes' Uy u'tan.

mode 166 Luigi Dallapiccola and Goffredo Petrassi: Musica da camera - Luigi Dallapiccola's Quaderno Musicale di Annalibera for piano, Tartiniana Seconda and Parole di S.Paolo; Goffredo Petrassi's Sestina d'autunno "Veni Creator Igor", Seconda Serenata Trio, Dialogo Angelico for 2 flutes; Ensemble Dissonanzen.

mode 167 Gerard PAPE: Ascension to Purgatory - Funeral Sentences, for 2 soprano voices & percussion; La Naissance du Son, amplified cello; Weaveworld Prologue, for bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, horn, percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass; For Maurizio, amplified viola; Ascension au Purgatoire, for percussion and computer ("Stochos" program); Le Fleuve du Désir IV, for 8 solo violins.

mode 168 George CACIOPPO: Advance of the Fungi - (chamber works 1960-66) - Time on Time in Miracles for soprano, 2 horns, 2 trombones, piano, cello & percussion; Mod 3 for flute, percussion & contrabass; Holy Ghost Vacuum or America Faints for electric organ; Advance of the Fungi for male choir, 3 clarinets, 3 trombones, 2 horns, & 1 percussion; Two Worlds for soprano, flute, oboe, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello & contrabass; Bestiary 1: Eingang for soprano, piano & 5 percussionists.

mode 169 Chaya CZERNOWIN: Pnima...ins Innere - Opera in 3 Acts, DVD only. The opera is composed of an opening and three scenes. It incorporates dramatic lighting and staging along with video, making it a perfect work for the DVD medium. Also includes a 24 minute interview with the composer.   DVD

mode 170 George CRUMB: Black Angels and Makrokosmos III - Two classic Crumb compositions of the 1970s expertly performed by members of The Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic under the direction of conductor Juan Pablo Izquierdo.

mode 171-173 Iannis XENAKIS: Xenakis Percussion Works - The first complete set of Xenakis' percussion ensemble, percussion duos, and solo percussion works: Persephassa, Psappha, Dmaathen, Pléïades, Komboï, Kassandra, Okho, Oophaa, and Rebonds. Steven Schick, red fish blue fish.

mode 174 John CAGE: Volume 36: One11 and 103 - One11: a film without subject by John Cage, produced and directed by Henning Lohner. 103: for large orchestra, the WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln or Spoleto Festival Orchestra with Arturo Tamayo and John Kennedy, directors.   DVD    

mode 175 Roland DAHINDEN: Flying White - String Quartet No. 2 "mind rock", String Quartet No. 5 "poids de l'ombre"; Binaural Recordings: String Quartet No. 4 "flying white" and String Quartet No. 3 "mond see". Klangforum Wien String Quartet, Annette Bik and Sophie Schaffleitner, violins, Dimitrios Polisoidis, viola and Andreas Lindenbaum, violoncello.

mode 176 Giacinto SCELSI: The Orchestral Works 2 - Quattro Pezzi (su una nota sola), Uaxuctum-The Legend of the Mayan City which they themselves destroyed for religious reasons, La nascita del Verbo. Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Peter Rundel, Johannes Kalitzke, Concentus Vocalis, Chorusmaster: Herbert Böck, Wiener Kammerchor, Chorusmaster: Michael Grohotolsky. First Recording.   DVD audio  48/24-bit Hi-Definition

mode 177 Gavin BRYARS: The Marvellous Aphorisms of Gavin Bryars: The Early Years - Pre-Mediaeval Metrics: Ulrich Kreiger, Seth Josel; Made in Hong Kong: Ulrich Kreiger; 1, 2, 1-2-3-4: Ulrich Kreiger, Seth Josel, Eli Friedmann, Yayoi Ikawa, John Davis, Kenny Growhowski; The Squirrel and The Ricketty Racketty Bridge: Seth Josel.

mode 178 Alvin LUCIER: Ever Present - Piper: Matt Welch, bagpipe; Fan: Miki Maruta, Ryuko Mizutani, Kayoko Nakagawa, and Yoko Nishi, kotos; 947: Jacqueline Martelle, flute; Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra: Brian Johnson, triangle; Ever Present: Drescher-Okabe-Armbruster Trio.

mode 179 Earle BROWN: Tracer - Music for Violin, Cello, and Piano, Folio, Four Systems, String Quartet, New Piece, Special Events, Octet 1 and Tracer. Performed by Ne(x)tworks. DVD    DTS

mode 180/181 John CAGE: Volume 37: Complete Short Works for Prepared Piano - The Perilous Night, Daughters of the Lonesome Isle, Spontaneous Earth, Music for Marcel Duchamp, Mysterious Adventure, A Valentine Out of Season, The Unavailable Memory Of, Prelude for Meditation, Root of an Unfocus, Two Pastorales; Philipp Vandré, prepared piano.

mode 182 Aldo CLEMENTI: Works with Guitar - Serenata - for guitar & 4 instruments; Dodici Variazioni - for guitar; Albumblatt - for guitar; Fantasia su frammenti di Michelangelo Galilei - version for guitar; Otto Variazioni - for guitar; C.A.G. - for flute, violin, vibraphone & guitar; The Plaint - for female voice & 13 instruments. ELISION Ensemble, Geoffrey Morris, guitar, and Carl Rosman, conductor.

mode 183 Roger Reynolds: Whispers Out of Time - Symphony[Myths]: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Kotaro Sato, conductor; Whispers Out of Time: Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Edwin London, conductor; Symphony[Vertigo]: La Jolla Symphony Orchestra, Harvey Sollberger, conductor. The first complete disc of Roger Reynolds' orchestral music.

mode 184 Frances White: Centre Bridge: electroacoustic works - Like the lily for viola, double bass, and electronic sound; Centre Bridge for shakuhachi duo and electronic sound; A veil barely seen for viola and electronic sound; Walk through "Resonant landscape" No. 2 for electronic sound; Centre Bridge (dark river) for string quintet and electronic sound.

mode 185 James Tenney: Melody, Ergodicity and Indeterminacy - Poem, Ergodos I, Monody, Ergodos II, Seegersong #1, String Complement (with Ergodos II), Seegersong #2, Instrumental Responses (with Ergodos I), Ergodos III, Percussion Response (with Ergodos I). The Barton Workshop, James Fulkerson & Frank Denyer, directors.
First Recordings.

mode 186 John Cage: Volume 38: The Number Pieces 4 - Solo with Obbligato Accompaniment of Two Voices in Canon, and Six Short Inventions on the Subjects of the Solo; Three. Written for and performed by Trio Dolce, recorders. First Recordings.

mode 187 Maria de Alvear: Asking - Asking: Eve Egoyan, piano/klavier. First Recording.

mode 188 Giacinto SCELSI: The Works for Double Bass - Nuits, Ko-Tha "Three Dances of Shiva", Dharana, Maknongon, Kshara, Okanagon, Mantram. Robert Black, double bass.  96khz 24-bit high definition recording

mode 189-192 Roland AUZET: Percussion(s) - Series inactuelles. Includes works by Iannis Xenakis, Gerard Pape, Edmund Campion, Darius Milhaud, Alain Bancquart, Karen Tanaka, Carlos Roque Alsina, Yoshihisa Taira, and Pierre Jodlowski. 3 CDs plus video DVD and 500-page book ($69.95). Special shipping rates apply per set: $10 domestic, $26.50 international.

mode 193 John Cage: Volume 39: The Number Pieces 5 - Two2: Rob Haskins, piano I and Laurel Karlik Sheehan, piano II.  

mode 194 Margaret Leng TAN: "Sorceress of the New Piano, The Artistry of Margaret Leng Tan" - Two Films by Evans Chan. Sorceress of The New Piano, The Maverick Piano.  96/24-bit   DVD

mode 195 Lou HARRISON: Por Gitaro: Suites for Tuned Guitars - Serenade; Suite No.1; Suite for National Steel Guitar; Suite No.2; Ditone Set; In Honor of the Divine Mr. Handel. HMC American Gamelan, Bill Alves, director, John Schneider, guitars with Just Strings: T.J. Troy, Gene Sterling and Erin Barnes, percussion.

mode 196 Iannis XENAKIS: Volume 8: Kraanerg - Kraanerg. Callithumpian Consort; Stephen Drury, conductor. First recording with restored analog tape.  96/24-bit   DVD

mode 197 John CAGE: The Revenge of the Dead Indians: In Memoriam John Cage - a composed film directed by Henning Lohner.   DVD

mode 198 Frank DENYER: Silenced Voices - Woman, Viola and Crow. Two Beacons. Tentative Thoughts, Silenced Voices. Ghosts Again. The Barton Workshop & others; Frank Denyer & James Fulkerson, music directors.

mode 199 Lydia KAVINA: Spellbound! - Howard SHORE: Suite from "Ed Wood"; Percy GRAINGER: Free Music No.1 for four theremins; Free Music No.2 for six theremins; Beatless Music for six theremins; Christian WOLFF: Exercise 28 for theremin, violin, French horn and double-bass; Olga NEUWIRTH: Suite aus "Bählamms Fest"; Miklos ROSZA: "Spellbound", Concerto for theremin & chamber ensemble. Lydia Kavina, theremins. Ensemble Sospeso. Charles Peltz, conductor. Enhanced CD contains 15-minute documentary on the recording.  

mode 200 John CAGE: Cage Performs Cage - works performed by John Cage himself, released for the first time. Empty Words with Music for Piano, performed with Yvar Mikhashoff, piano; One7.

mode 201 Chris NEWMAN: Piano Sonatas Nos. 1, 4, 6, 10 - Michael Finnissy, piano.

mode 202 Hans Werner HENZE: Musica da Camera - Ein kleines Potpourri aus der Oper "Boulevard Solitude"; Sonatina aus dem Märchen für Musik "Pollicino"; Carillon, Récitatif, Masque; Toccata Mistica; Drei Tentos; Sonatina; Neue Volkslieder und Hirtengesänge. Ensemble Dissonanzen.

mode 203 Iannis XENAKIS: Volume 9: Electronic Works 2 - Hibiki Hana Ma - world premiere recording; Polytope de Cluny; NEG-ALE (DVD only) - first commercial release. This volume collects two of Xenakis' multi-channel works from the 1970s, along with a long-lost film soundtrack (on the DVD only). Restored from the best quality source materials.   
96/24-bit   DVDDTS

mode 204 John CAGE: 49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs - A complete video realization by Don Gillespie, Roberta Friedman and Gene Caprioglio.  DVD

mode 205 Cornelius CARDEW: Treatise - For any number of musicians with any instruments, may be performed whole or in part. The QUaX Ensemble, directed by Petr Kotik, recorded live from Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1967. Specially priced 2-CD set for $19.99.

mode 206 Peter ABLINGER: 33-127 - Seth Josel, electric guitar. First recording.

mode 207 Garth KNOX: Viola Spaces - Viola Spaces (eight concert studies) for 2, 3 & 4 violas; Viola Spaces Variations on Marin Marais for 4 violas; La Valse de la Vineuse for viola d'amore, clarinet, violin and cello; Jonah and the Whale for viola and tuba; Ockeghem Fantasy for viola d'amore and 5 violas. First recordings.

mode 208 Joshua FINEBERG: Imprints, Veils and Shards - Empreintes for 15 instruments & live electronics, Veils, Shards, The Texture of Time for flute & live electronics, Broken Symmetries for 5 instruments. First recordings.

mode 209 Iannis XENAKIS: Complete String Quartets - Tetras, Tetora, ST-4/1,080262, Ergma. Performed by the JACK Quartet.
images/48_24logo.gif   DVDDTS

mode 210 Lei LIANG: Brush-Stroke - Serashi Fragment (Arditti Quartet); Some Empty Thoughts of a Person from Edo for solo harpsichord (Takae Ohnishi); In Praise of Shadows for solo flute (Paula Robison); My Windows for solo piano (Aleck Karis); Memories of Xiaoxiang for saxophone & tape (Chien-Kwan Lin); Trio for cello, piano & percussion; Brush-Stroke for chamber orchestra - Callithumpian Consort/Stephen Drury.

mode 211 Heather O’Donnell (piano): Reflections on Ives Charles IVES: London Bridge Is Fallen Down! (1st RECORDING); Study No. 21: Some Southpaw Pitching!; Set of Five Take-Offs; From Four Transcriptions from “Emerson” ii. Moderato; iii. Largo; Study No. 9: The Anti-Abolitionist Riots in the 1830's and 1840’s; Walter ZIMMERMANN: the missing nail at the river for piano & toy piano; Michael FINNISSY: Song of Myself; James TENNEY: Essay (after a sonata) for inside-piano; Sidney CORBETT: The Celestial Potato Fields; Oliver SCHNELLER: "And tomorrow..." for piano and electronics. DSD recording.

mode 212/13 Roger REYNOLDS: Epigram and Evolution: Complete Works with Piano - imAge/piano (2007); Fantasy for Pianist (1964) - Yuji Takahashi, piano. Variation (1988); imagE/piano (2007), Epigram and Evolution (1961) - Eric Huebner, piano. Traces (Yuji Takahashi, piano, Karen Reynolds, flute. Lin Barron, cello, Alan Johnson, electronics); Less Than Two (SONOR Ensemble); The Angel of Death (Mariyln Nonken, piano. Slee Sinfonietta/Magnus Martensson). 2-CDs, specially priced $19.99

mode 214/15 Orkest de Volharding: The Minimalists Terry RILEY: In C; Steve REICH: City Life (arr. for wind orchestra by Anthony Fiumara); Louis ANDRIESSEN: Workers' Union; Kyle GANN: Sunken City (piano concerto with Geoffrey Douglas Madge); David LANG: Street; John ADAMS: Short Ride in a Fast Machine (arr. for wind orchestra by Anthony Fiumara). 2-CDs 48/24

mode 216 Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 10: Trio - Aki Takahashi, piano. Marc Sabat, violin. Rohan de Saram, cello. 2-CDs specially priced $19.99,
or complete on one surround-sound DVD with full video. DVD also includes video talk on Feldman and the "Trio" by Walter Zimmermann.
96/24-bit   DVDDTS

mode 217 Iannis XENAKIS, Vol. 11: Works with Piano - Aki Takahashi, piano. Eonta, Morsima-Amorsima, (The Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury, conductor). Paille in the Wind (Rohan de Saram, cello). Akea (the JACK Quartet).
96/24-bit   DVDDTS

mode 218 Iannis XENAKIS, Vol. 12: Charisma X - (Greece, 2008, directed by Efi Xirou) Featuring rare footage of Xenakis plus commentary by composers George Aperghis, Francois-Bernard Mache, Gerard Pape, Curtis Roads, George Koumentakis; plus Francois Xenakis, Makis Solomos, Sharon Kanach & Makhi Xenakis. Musical performances by Sylvio Gualda, Elisabeth Chojnacka, Benny Sluchin, Frances-Marie Uitti, Lori Freedman, Christophe Roy, Spiros Sakkas. DVD

mode 219 Chaya CZERNOWIN: MAIM - Rico Gubler, saxophone, tubax (recorded & live); Peter Veale, oboe, musette, french horn; John Mark Harris, piano & harpsicord; Seth Josel, electric & steel guitars; Mary Oliver, viola; Live Electronics by the Experimentalstudio des SWR; Konzerthausorchester Berlin / Johannes Kalitzke, conductor.

mode 220 Pauline OLIVEROS & IONE: NJINGA: The Queen King - A Play with Music and Pageantry, written and directed by IONE, Music and Sound by Pauline Oliveros. DVD

mode 221 Margaret LENG TAN: She Herself Alone: Art of the Toy Piano 2 - Works by John Cage, Eric Griswold, Toby Twining, George Crumb, Jerome Kitzke, Ross Bolleter, and Laura Liben. 96/24-bit   DVD

mode 222/23 John CAGE: Vol. 42 - A Cage of Saxophones Vols. 3 & 4 - Indeterminancy; Party Pieces (composed with Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, and Virgil Thomson); Four6; Cartridge Music; Eleven Instruments; Fontana Mix; One7; 4'33"; Sculptures Musicales. (Specially priced 2-CD set.)

mode 224 Aldo CLEMENTI: Works with Flutes - Roberto FABRICIANI, flutes; Alvise Vitoline, electronics.

mode 225 Stefano SCODANIBBIO: Oltracuidansa - for contrabass and 8-channel tape – Stefano SCODANIBBIO, contrabass.

mode 226 Howard SKEMPTON: bolt from the blue (Music for piano & voices) - Daniel Becker, piano. EXAUDI, James Weeks, conductor.

mode 227 Giacinto SCELSI: The Piano Works 4 - Hispania “Triptyque pour piano” (1939); Suite No. 5 “Il Circo” (1935); Suite No. 6 “I Capricci di Ty” (1939) - Stephen Clarke, piano 96/24-bit

mode 228 Luc FERRARI: Vol. 2 - Madame de Shanghai (Scottish Flute Trio); Visage 2; Après presque rien (Art Zoyd, Musiques Nouvelles, Jean-Paul Dessy, conductor)

mode 229 John CAGE: Vol. 43 - The Works for Percussion 1; Credo in Us; complete Imaginary Landscapes (Percussion Group Cincinnati, CCM Percussion Ensemble, CCM Percussion Ensemble, James Culley, conductor) 96/24-bit   DVDDTS

mode 230 György KURTÁG: Signs, Games and Messages - Maurizio Barbetti, viola, Gianpiero Ruggeri, baritone

mode 231 Giacinto SCELSI: The Works for Viola - Manto; Coelocanth; Three Studies; Xnoybis; plus Elegia per Ty (with Séverine Ballon, cello) - Vincent Royer, viola & voice

mode 232/233 Roger REYNOLDS: Sanctuary for percussion quartet & live electronics - Steven Schick, solo percussion (movement 1), red fish blue fish    (specially priced 2-DVD set $29.95) DVD

mode 234 Jason ECKARDT: Undersong – cycle on texts by Laura Mullen - Toni Arnold, soprano. Fred Sherry, cello. Claire Chase, flute. International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Steve Schick, conductor.

mode 235 CHOU Wen-Chung: Clouds - String Quartets #1 “Clouds” and #2 “Streams” (Brentano String Quartet); Twilight Colors (Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, conductor.

mode 236 Marco CAPPELLI - Art SPIEGELMAN: In the Shadow of No Towers - a multi-media work based on Spiegelman’s comic book about his experience on 9/11 and its aftermath. Actor John Turturro narrates, music by Sintax Error. Also includes the original Italian version with Enzo Salomone, narrator. DVD

mode 237   Morton SUBOTNICK:  Electronic Works Vol.3 – Four Butterflies (1973) for 4-channel tape & 2 films (first surround & CD release); Until Spring: Revisited (1976/2009) for live electronics, glass harp & live video; A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur: Revisited (1978/2011, on DVD only) for live electronics & video – Subotnick (electronics), Miguel Frasconi (glass harp & live electronics), Sue-C (live video). DVD contains full video, surround sound and bonus interviews. DVD Video  96/24-bit    

mode 238 Morton FELDMAN: Vol. 11: Orchestra - Intersection I (1951, first recording for large orchestra); Structures (1962); On Time and the Instrumental Factor (1969); Voice and Instruments (1972) with Martha Cluver, soprano; Orchestra (1976) — Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Brad Lubman, conductor.

mode 239 John CAGE: Vol. 44 - The Number Pieces 6 – Five; Seven; Thirteen — Essential Music

mode 240 John Luther ADAMS: songbirdsongs (Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury, director); Strange Birds Passing (New England Conservatory Contemporary Music Ensemble, John Heiss, director)

mode 242 Aiyun HUANG Aiyun Huang’s “Save Percussion Theater”; theatrical percussion works by Aperghis, Kagel, Globokar, Drouet and Alvarez. 96/24-bit  DVD Video  DVD Video

mode 243 John CAGE: Vol. 45 – The Works for Percussion 2 – 3 Constructions; Trio; Quartet; Living Room Music. Third Coast Percussion 96/24-bit  DVD Video  DVD Video

mode 244 Barbara MONK FELDMAN: The Northern Shore (Sabat/Clarke: Marc Sabat, violin, Stephen Clarke, piano, Dirk Rothbrust, percussion); In The Small Time Of A Desert Flower (Aki Takahashi, piano)

mode 245/246 Walter ZIMMERMANN: Vol.3: String Quartets and works for solo strings – Sonar Quartett. Specially priced 2-CD set

mode 252 Helmut LACHENMANN: “…zwei Gefühle…” and solo works – Helmut Lachenmann (narrator & piano), Lauren Radnofsky (cello), Ensemble Signal/Brad Lubman, conductor. (CD & DVD) 96/24-bit  DVD Video  DVD Video

mode 253/54 John CAGE: Vol. 47 – The Works for Organ – Gary Verkade, organ. (2-CDs or DVD) 96/24-bit DVD Video  DVD Video

mode 255 Johannes SCHOLLHORN: clouds and sky – clouds and sky (Jan-Philip Schulze, piano, WDR Sinfonie-Orchester/Peter Rundel);  rota  (Gareth Davis, contrabass clarinet; JACK Quartet);  red and blue (Ensemble S);  a self-same song (Gareth Davis, contrabass-clarinet)  

mode 256 Giacinto SCELSI: The Works for Violin – Divertimenti 2,3,4; L’âme ailée – L’âme ouverte; Xnyobis – Weiping Lin, violin

mode 257 Keeril MAKAN: Afterglow – Mercury Songbirds, Husk, Afterglow, Becoming Unknown, Mu, After Forgetting – International Contemporary Ensemble,  Adam Sliwinski & Erik Carlson, conductors

mode 258 John CAGE: Vol. 48 – Variations V – John Cage, David Tudor, Gordon Mumma (musicians); Merce Cunningham Dance Company; films and projections by Stan VanDerBeek and Nam June Paik; directed by  Arne Arnbom. Plus bonus stereo audio performance (Paris, 1966) and interviews (DVD) DVD Video 

mode 259 John CAGE: Vol. 49 – The Piano Works 9 – First Recordings - 16 Dances for piano (edited Walter Zimmermann); Haiku (edited Don Gillespie) – Jovita Zähl, piano; Thomas Meixner, percussion.

mode 260  Bruno MADERNA: Music in 2 Dimensions – Works for Flute – Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes with various artists.

mode 261 Iannis XENAKIS, Vol. 13: Ensemble Works 3 – Palimpsest; Echange; Akanthos; Thalleïn; O-Mega – International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)/Steven Schick, conductor. Plus first recording of Zythos – Benny Sluchin, trombone. red fish blue fish.  96/24-bit 

mode 262/65  Yvar MIKHASHOFF: Panorama of American Piano Music: From Antheil to Zappa, 1911 to 1991
48 composers • 62 works • 7 first recordings • 4 hours 34 minutes. Specially priced deluxe 4-CD set

mode 266  Tim HODGKINSON: Onsets - Ici-bas; Ulaaraar; Amhas / Nirriti; Jo-Ha-Kyu; Attaot  – Tim Hodgkinson, clarinets & conductor; Hyperion Ensemble, Ne(x)tworks, Talea Ensemble, other soloists

mode 267  Helmut LACHENMANN: Complete String Quartets – The JACK Quartet (CD & DVD) 96/24-bit  DVD Video  DVD Video

mode 268  Ming TSAO: Pathology of Syntax - Pathology of Syntax - Arditti String Quartet; (Un)cover - Ensemble Ascolta, Jonathan Stockhammer, conductor; The Book of Virtual Transcriptions; Not Reconciled - Ensemble SurPlus, James Avery, conductor; One-Way Street - ensemble recherche; Canon - Anthony Burr, clarinet, Charles Curtis, cello

mode 269  Morton FELDMAN, Vol. 12: String Quartet No. 1; Structures; Three Pieces for String Quartet – The FLUX Quartet  (Specially Priced 2-CD set + Bonus DVD in slipcase  $ 36.98)    DVD Video 96/24-bit    

mode 271  Chris NEWMAN: Ghosts – Symphony; Cologne (Chris Newman, voice); Ghosts; Ghost Symphony – Ensemble KNM/Steffen Tast

mode 272 John CAGE: Vol. 50 – The Works for Percussion 3 – cComposed Improvisation (all versions & trio); Branches; Child of Tree; One4
– D'Arcy Philip Gray

mode 273  Phil NIBLOCK: Brazil 8 (film and music) - “Three Orchids” for 3 orchestras; “Two by Tom,” for 2 orchestras; “Three Orchids" - SEM Ensemble, Trio Scordatura (Amsterdam), Nelly Boyd Ensemble DVD Video DVD Video

mode 274  Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN: Complete Early Works for Percussion - Zyklus (Schick); Kontakte (Avery, Schick; first recording in surround); Refrain (Avery, Antoniadis, Schick); Mikrophonie (red fish blue fish); Schlagtrio (Lukács, red fish blue fish) — Steven Schick, percussion & director. (2-CDs or single 5.1 DVD)96/24-bit DVD Video DVD Video

mode 276  Les Grandes Répétitions: 2 films on STOCKHAUSEN & VARÈSE by Luc Ferrari and Gérard Patris: “Karlheinz Stockhausen: Momente” (1965); and “Hommage à Edgard Varèse” (1965). DVD Video

mode 277/278  Roger REYNOLDS: Complete Cello Works – Alexis Decharmes, cello. Roger Reynolds, speaker. Ensemble Court-circuit, Jean Deroyer, conductor, others. (2-CDs)

mode 279  Gerard PAPE: Harmonies – Harmonies of Form and Time for 6 soloists and 6 chamber orchestras (Ensemble U, Estonian National Symphony, Risto Joost, conductor); Harmonies of Time and Timbre for solo flute, 4 violins, 4 cellos and electronics (Erik Dresher, flute, CLSI String Ensemble, Gerard Pape, electronics)

mode 280  Morton FELDMAN: The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar (reconstruction Seth Josel) – Seth Josel (digital download only)
CD-quality download from Mode $1.29

mode 281  Alvin LUCIER: Broken Line – Carbon Copies; Risonanza; Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums and Acoustic Pendulum; Broken Line – Trio Nexus

mode 282  Ulrich KRIEGER: [urban dreamings] – Sternenjäger I; before|QUAKE; Il cimitero chiuso; V.; …as above, so below… (for PN); Azrael II

mode 283  Lewis NIELSON: AXIS – Le Journal du Corps; Tocsin; Axis (Sandman) – JACK Quartet, red fish blue fish, Steven Schick

mode 284  Iannis XENAKIS, Vol.14: “Le dépassement  de soi” – DVD based on the game piece Linaia-Agon, featuring 2 performances + the film “Iannis XENAKIS: Le dépassement  de soi” (by Benny Sluchin, 78 minutes]. With Zythos (first release with video and surround sound).
Plus bonus features and interactive options (DVD only)DVD Video

mode 285 Luc FERRARI, Volume 4 “Ephémère” – Luc FERRARI: Ephémère (1974); Brunhild FERRARI: Le Piano Englouti (2012); Vincent ROYER – Luc FERRARI: Pour que le vent soit propice (2011) based on “Ce qu’a vu le Cers” (1978) by Luc Ferrari — Vincent Royer, viola, electronics, etc.

mode 286-287  Christian WOLFF, Vol. 7Incidental Music and Keyboard Miscellany – Christian Wolff, piano & melodica (2-CDs)

mode 288  Gerald ECKERT: on the edges — An den Rändern des Maßes  (2005-11)  for two instrumental groups; Bruchstücke… erstarrtes Lot  (1998-99) for ensemble; Sopra di noi… (niente)  (2014) for small orchestra — ensemble reflexion K/Gerald Eckert

mode 289 John CAGE & Morton FELDMAN: Radio Happenings – 224-page hardcover book  with audio DVD of the complete 5-hours of audio from the radio broadcasts of their conversations recorded in 1966-67 on WBAI NYC, mastered from the source closest to the original tapes. Coproduction with MusikTexte, Germany. $29.98 (+ $5.25 shipping in the USA. Please inquire for international)DVD Video

mode 290  Horatiu RADULESCU:Piano Sonatas & String Quartets 1 – String Quartet No.5 “before the universe was born”, op.89; Piano Sonata No.2 “being and non-being create each other”, op.82; Piano Sonata No.5 “settle your dust, this is the primal identity”, op.106 – JACK Quartet, Stephen Clarke. CD or limited edition LP ($24.99), or Special Limited "Artist Edition" of 50 numbered LPs with individual original painting by the cover artist $180.00

mode 291 Malcolm GOLDSTEIN: Soweto Stomp — composed improvisations with Malcolm Goldstein, violin & director, The Ratchet Orchestra

mode 292 Hilda PAREDES: Señales —Señales, “Homenaje a Jonathan Harvey” for violin & ensemble (Irvine Arditti, violin. Ensemble Signal/Brad Lubman);Páramo de voces for piano & tape (Alberto Rosado, piano); Intermezzo malinconico for bass clarinet solo (Adrián Sandi); Homenaje a Remedios Vario; Recuerdos del Porvenir (ensemble recherche)

mode 293 Henry COWELL & Percy GRAINGER: Works for Saxophones — 22 works are included, 9 by Grainger, 7 by Cowell and 5 by Cowell as arranged by Grainger. Many are first recordings. They are scored for varied instrumentation: sax ensembles, sax & piano and sax & orchestra. Ulrich Krieger, saxophones & director, various artists

mode 294 Marc CHAN: My Wounded Head 3 — Rob Haskins, piano

mode 295 Alvin LUCIER: Two Circles — Two Circles; Fideliotrio; Three Translations of the Works of Maurizio Mochetti (Alter Ego Ensemble); I Am Sitting in a Room (Alvin Lucier, voice)

mode 296 John CAGE: Cage Edition Vol.52, The Works for Percussion 4 — A Flower; The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs; 51’15.657” for a speaking percussionist (realization Whiting); Music for Two (By One) (realization Whiting) — Bonnie Whiting, voice & percussion + Allen OTTE/John CAGE: Connecting Egypt to Madison through Columbus Ohio, Cage, and the History of the American Labor Movement (realization Otte) — Allen Otte, voice, prepared piano, percussion. CD or Bluray. BLURAY version includes full video and 48khz/24-bit PCM audio + 73 minute video interview with Whiting and Otte, discussing Cage and his processes, the works and how they assembled them Blu-ray Disc

mode 297 "Modern Lied": Sarah Maria Sun (soprano) & Jan Philip Schulze (piano) perform works by Heinz HOLLIGER: Sechs Lieder nach Gedichten von Christian Morgenstern (1956/57); Salvatore SCIARRINO: Due Melodie; Helmut LACHENMANN: Got Lost; György KURTAG: Requiem po drugu op. 26; Wolfgang RIHM: Ophelia Sings; Bernhard LANG: Wenn die Landschaft aufhört 

mode 298 Joan LA BARBARA: The Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara — as lightning comes in flashes (1981) for 8-track tape. New 2017 stereo mix; Autumn Signal for 8-track tape, mixed to 4-channels (1978). New 2017 stereo mix; CYCLONE  (1976–77) for 16-track tape (first release). CD or Bluray. BLURAY version includes 96khz/24-bit PCM stereo + 24-bit 5.1 Surround Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. NOTE: this is a high-quality audio Bluray. There is no video with the music. Blu-ray Disc

mode 299 Iannis XENAKIS: Xenakis Edition 15, Orchestral Works — Metastaseis A (first recording), Orchestra Sinfonica RAI; Terretektorh for 88 musicians dispersed among the public; Nomos Gamma for 98 musicians dispersed among the public — Residentie Orkest The Hague, Arturo Tamayo, conductor. CD or Bluray. BLURAY version includes 96khz/24-bit PCM stereo + 24-bit 5.1 Surround Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio + interview with Tamayo and Xenakis scholar Sharon Kanach.

mode 300 Steve REICH: Sextet; Double Sextet — Ekkozone, Mathias Reumert. CD or limited edition LP ($24.99)

mode 301 Sergio SORRENTINO: Dream: American Music for Electric Guitar — John CAGE: Dream (adapted for electric guitar by Sorrentino); David LANG: Warmth  for 2 electric guitars ; Jack VEES: Alpha Aloha for 2 electric guitars & sound processing; Elliott SHARP: Mare Undarum; Alvin CURRAN: Rose of Beans; Morton FELDMAN: The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar (reconstruction by Seth Josel. First CD release); Christian WOLFF: Going West; Another Possibility; Larry POLANSKY: An Unhappy Set of Coincidences for electric guitar & electric bass; Van STIEFEL: Urutora-man

mode 302 Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN: Kurzwellen (1968) Premier of the new performing version by C.L.S.I. for 4 instruments, 4 shortwave radios, 6 computers,
and conductor — C.L.S.I. Ensemble, Paul Mefano, conductor

mode 303 George CRUMB: Metamorphoses (Book I); Five Pieces for Piano — Margaret Leng Tan. Crumb’s earliest and most recent works for piano

mode 304 John CAGE: Cage Edition Vol. 53; The Works for Piano 10: Two Pieces for Piano (1936); Solo for Piano (from the Concert for Piano and Orchestra)  (1958); Two Pieces for Piano  (1946); Swinging  (1989) — Thomas Schultz, piano

mode 305 Elliott SHARP: Dispersion: Flexagons  (2013, First recording); Dispersion of Seeds  (2003); The Hidden Variable  (2014); Palimpsest  (2015, First recording, written for VENI ACADEMY) — Elliott Sharp, electroacoustic guitar, VENI ACADEMY, Marián Lejava, conductor

mode 306 Morton SUBOTNICK Subotnick Edition 4: Complete Works for Piano: The Other Piano * (2007) for piano & live electronics; Falling Leaves * (2012)
for piano solo; Liquid Strata (1977) for piano & ghost electronics; Preludes for piano:  I. The Blind Owl * (1957); II. The Feast * (1961) for piano solo; IV. (1966) for piano & tape  — SooJin Anjou, piano; Morton Subotnick, electronics & voice  *first recordings 96/24-bit

mode 307 Walter ZIMMERMANN: Lokale Musik: reissue of the 3-LP set from 1982, remastered from the analog tapes on 2-CDs. A third CD contains recently recorded supplemental material and performances, and revised versions of works, issued for the first time. Performers include Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Cristobal Halffter, conductor; Beginner Pool Ensemble; Lucas Fels, Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Erik Nielsen, conductor; Christian Dierstein, Stephen Drury, Gabriele Emde, Franziska Huhn, Geoffrey Morris, Deborah Richards, Reynard Rott. Deluxe 3-CD set in slipcase with 60-page book. (3-CDs)

mode 310/11  Olivier MESSIAEN:  Harawi (chant d’amour et de mort) — Sarah Maria Sun, soprano. Stefka Perifanova, piano. (2-LP set or digital download)
2-LP set $37.49 (plus shipping)

mode 313 Horatiu RADULESCU: Edition 2: Works for Organ & for Cello: Christe eleison, op.69; You-tree kalotrope III; Amen, op.88 (Christoph Maria Moosmann, organ); Intimate Rituals III, op.63 for string instrument & sound icons (Catherine Marie Tunnell, cello. Horatiu Radulescu & Petra Junken, sound icons); Immersed in the Wonder II, op.96 (Stanley Clark, trombone. Catherine Marie Tunnell, cello)

mode 314 Morton FELDMAN: Vol. 13: For Bunita Marcus — Aki Takahashi, piano 96/24-bit

mode 315 Friedrich JAECKER: paradis: Harry’s Dream for 33 tuned glasses & voices (Chamber Choir of the University of Cologne, Michael Ostrzyga, director); paradis for 2 pianos (pianoduo elaeis); 12 Bagatellen (Jovita Zähl, piano); 12 Studien (Philipp Kronbichler, piano)

mode 316 Ayman FANOUS & Frances-Marie UITTI: Fanous Edition 1: Negoum: 9 duo improvisations by Ayman Fanous (guitars, bouzouki) and Frances-Marie Uitti (cello)

mode 317 Horatiu RADULESCU: Edition 3: The Complete Cello Works: L’Exil Intérieur, op.98 for cello & piano (Ian Pace, piano); Das Andere, op.49 (version for cello); Pre-Existing Soul of Then, op.76 for 2 cellos; Lux Animae, op.97 for cello — Catherine Marie Tunnell, cello

mode 318 Henri POUSSEUR: Works for Flute: Litanie du miel matinal (for flute); Éclipticare ou les Périples constellés (version for 3 flutes, version for 3 bass-flutes); Flexions I (for flute); Vers l’ile du mont pourpre (for flute); Litanie du miel vesperal (for bass-flute) + Scambi (for electronic tape); POUSSEUR–FABBRICIANI: Zeus joueur de flûtes, Célébrant les dix octannies d’Orphée étoilé (Michel Butor) (for flute, tape and live electronics, with Alvise Vidolin, live electronics) — Roberto Fabbriciani, flutes

mode 319 Thomas MEADOWCROFT: Percussion Works 2000–2011: The Great Knot for percussion trio; Cradles for percussion duo with Wurlitzer electric piano (Thomas Meadowcroft, electric piano); Plain Moving Landfill for percussion solo; Home Organs for six percussionists — Speak Percussion

mode 320  Gerald ECKERT: absence — den angestoßenenen Augen der Steine (2014) for contrabass-clarinet, violin, live-electronics and tape; absence – traces éloignées (2007) for 4 piccolos and 2 percussionists (with Ensemble L’art pour l’art, Gerald Eckert, conductor); Annäherung an Petrarca (2006) for 4 voices, flute and violoncello (with Auditivvokal Ensemble, Olaf Katzer, conductor); außen, von tief innen (2015) for bass-flute, contrabass-clarinet and violoncello — Ensemble Reflexion K

mode 321 Sarah Maria SUN: Killer Instincts — a colorful collection of songs about bad people doing bad things. Songs by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross, Leonard Bernstein, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Kander & Ebb, Steven Lutvak, Randy Newman, Alan Price, Franz Schubert, Stephen Sondheim, Tom Waits, Joe Walsh, Kurt Weill, and Stefan Wolpe. Sarah Maria Sun, voices; with The Gurks: Jan Philip Schulze, piano, organ, Hubert Steiner, electric, acoustic & Hawaiian guitars, banjo, bass guitar, Bernd Oezsevim, drums & percussion, Axel Nitz, baritone saxophone, Max Renne, piano

mode 322/23 Claude DEBUSSY Preludes, Books 1 & 2 — Haydée Schvartz, piano (2-CDs)

 mode 324 "DESERT PLANTS: Conversations with 23 American Composers" by Walter ZIMMERMANN: reissue of the legendary book containing Zimmermann's 1976 interviews, the reissue also contains a CD of the audio of the actual composer interviews. Composers interviewed: Larry Austin, Robert Ashley, Jim Burton, John Cage, Philip Corner, Morton Feldman, Philip Glass, Joan La Barbara, Garrett List, Alvin Lucier, John McGuire, Charles Morrow, J.B. Floyd (on Conlon Nancarrow), Pauline Oliveros, Charlemagne Palestine, Ben Johnston (on Harry Partch), Steve Reich, David Rosenboom, Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, James Tenney, Christian Wolff, La Monte Young. Reissued as a facsimile of the original edition, 197 pages + CD, softcover.  $29.99 + $4 shipping (domestic, international please inquire for shipping costs)

 mode 326 Roger REYNOLDS: At 85, Vol. 1: String Quartets: FLiGHT; not forgotten — JACK Quartet


SERIES MODE / AVANT “Music of a Different Mode”

Avant 01 Chris BURKE: Idioglossia - Burke, samplers, synthesizers & instruments. (alternative music). “One of the Year's 10 Best”, John Schaeffer, NPR’s “New Sounds”

Avant 02 SCHANZER/SPEACH DUO: Dualities - Jeffrey Schanzer (guitars), Bernadette Speach (pianos). (jazz)

Avant 03 Marc FARRE: Margaret Maybe - debut EP from this singer/songwriter with Michael Pugliese (drums & percussion). (rock) special price $6.99

Avant 04 Steve LACY/John HEWARD: Recessional for Oliver Johnson, Live Montreal 2004 - Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone and John Heward, drums, African bells, kalimba.

Avant 05 Joe MCPHEE/John HEWARD: Voices: 10 Improvisations - Joe McPhee, pocket trumpet, alto sax and John Heward, drums, kalimba, percussion.

Avant 06 The Respect Sextet: Sirius Respect - The Respect Sextet play the music of Sun Ra and Stockhausen - Jet Flight (Ra), Leo (Stockhausen), Shadow World (Ra), Dienstagslied (Stockhausen), Angels and Demons at Play (Ra), Lights on a Satellite (Ra), Pisces (Stockhausen), El is the Sound of Joy (Ra), Set Sail for the Sun (Stockhausen), Velvet (Ra), Capricorn (Stockhausen) / Saturn (Ra).

Avant 07 Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio: Les Nuages en France - Marco Cappelli, guitar. Ken Filiano, double bass. Satoshi Takeishi, percussion.

Avant 09/12 Anthony BRAXTON & Gerry HEMINGWAY: Old Dogs (2007) - Braxton, saxes, Hemingway, drums, percussion, electronics. 4-CD boxed set.

Avant 13 Marco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy: The American Dream - Marco Cappelli, electric guitar, Luca Lo Bianco, bass guitar, Francesco Cusa,  drums, with special guest Gaia Mattiuzzi, voice.

Avant 14 Respect Sextet: Respect in Yule - Eli Asher, trumpet, toys, James Hirschfeld, trombone, toys, Josh Rutner, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, toys, Red Wierenga, piano, Hammond organ, toys, Malcolm Kirby, Jr., bass, Ted Poor, drums, bells. With Guests: Marco Cappelli, electric guitar, The JACK Quartet, Ensemble Signal, Brad Lubman, conductor, tympani.

Avant 15 Trio PAJ: Live at MC:2, Grenoble 2010 - Michel Portal, bass-clarinet, soprano saxophone, bandoneon; Roland Auzet, drums, marimba, percussion; Pierre Jodlowski, live electronics & machinesDVD

Avant 16: Lori FREEDMAN/John HEWARD: on no on - Lori Freedman, b-flat & bass-clarinets, John Heward, drums, percussion.

Avant 17 Langston HUGHES: The Dream Keeper — jazz interpretations of Hughes' poetry with Eric Mingus (voice); David Amram (piano); Larry Simon (director, arranger, guitar), Groove Bacteria

Avant 18 ITALIAN SURF ACADEMY: Barbarella Reloaded — reinterpretations of the score to the Roger Vadim film starring Jane Fonda

Avant 19 JOHN HEWARD QUINTET: Lori Freedman, clarinets; John Heward, drums; Joe McPhee, alto & soprano saxophones; Barre Phillips, bass; Dana Reason, piano. Recorded live in Montreal, September 2014


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