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Stuart Dempster (trombones, didjeridu, garden hose)
Pauline Oliveros (just tuned accordion, electronics)
David Gamper (organ, overtone flutes, electronics)

1. INVOCATION (June 1993) 10:51
Deep Listening Band with
Julie Lyon Balliet, voice

2. HI BALI, HI (January 1994) (10:42)

Deep Listening Band with Expanded Instrument System

3. PROCESSIONAL (June 1993) (8:45)

Deep Listening Band with
Julie Lyon Balliet, voice

4. SANCTUARY (January 1994) (11:55)

Deep Listening Band with Expanded Instrument System

5. NON-STOP FLIGHT (January 1994, excerpt) (20:43)

Deep Listening Band with
Thomas Buckner, Julie Lyon Balliet, voices
Joe McPhee, bass-clarinet & pocket trumpet
Margarit Shenker, just-tuned accordion, voice
Nego Gato, Carol Chappell, Brazilian percussion
Jason Finkleman, Brazilian & found percussion
Women Who Drum: (Leaf Miller, djembe; Lorraine Demerest
& Judith Muldoon, congas, shekere, bells)

Sanctuary was recorded in the beautiful acoustics of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Kingston, New York. The works play off the acoustics and feeling of the church, as the performers move about to actually activate the many possible resonances of the space. In addition, the Deep Listening Band also utilizes their newly developed Expanded Instrument System -- a digital electronic processing environment that allows the musicians full control over many spatial and acoustical parameters.

The core Deep Listening Band: Pauline Oliveros (just-tuned accordion), Stuart Dempster (trombones, didjeridu) and David Gamper (pipe organ, flutes) are augmented here by a "Deep Listening Big Band" including new music vocalists Tom Buckner and Julie Lyon Balliet, Joe McPhee on bass-clarinet & pocket trumpet, and percussionists Nego Gato and Women Who Drum.

Together the performers will transport you into mysterious worlds inhabited by exotic sounds, instruments and vocals, culminating in the joyously
percussive Non-Stop Flight.

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