Trio PAJ • Live at MC:2 Grenoble 2010

Trio PAJ

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Live at MC:2 Grenoble 2010

Michel Portal, bass-clarinet, soprano saxophone, bandoneon
Roland Auzet, drums, marimba, percussion
Pierre Jodlowski, live electronics & machines

1. Ostinato (9:09)
2. Bass Mix (5:01)
3. Concret Mix (5:09)
4. Clar Bass Mix (6:10)
5. Wood Mix (5:07)
6. Solo Portal (6:35)
7. Accordéon Mix (6:09)
8. Bandonéon Mix (6:55)
9. Dub Mix (4:50)
10. Jazz Mix (5:52)
11. Tango Mix (7:09)


A unique musical journey by three outstanding musicians exploring jazz, improvisation and electronic music.

Percussionist/composer Roland Auzet with performer/composer Pierre Jodlowski invited the legend of French jazz and improvised music, Michel Portal (who premiered Pierre Boulez’s “Domain,” Boulez said that Portal is “blessed with an imaginative virtuosity”) to form Trio PAJ in 2007.

This daring collaboration reflects their influence of various artists and styles, from Boulez to Stockhausen via Xenakis, Coltrane, and Soft Machine.

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