Marc Farre - Margaret Maybe

Marc Farre - Margaret Maybe

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1. Margaret Maybe

2. October Night

3. What Happened Today

4. Afterburn

The debut EP from singer - songwriter Marc Farre. Rock music in a timeless style --sophisticated, provocative, sensual -- Farre's songs don't cater to passing fashion or current trends.

He draws from a wide sphere of musical influences spanning John Cale, David Bowie and Bryan Ferry, to Eno, Iggy Pop and John Cage.

Marc Farre's background includes many years of work with The Merce Cunningham Dance Company and John Cage. He also appears as a freelance DJ on WFMU-FM, chosen by Rolling Stone magazine as America's best radio station.

His debut EP showcases two sides of Marc Farre: in addition to his distinctive songs, the EP concludes with one of his critically-acclaimed dance scores, Afterburn, written for the Brenda Daniels Dance Company.

"Wrestling with your demons is a good thing. That Marc tempers his angst with charm makes it even better."
---Pal Shazar

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